How to Rotate a Video in VLC (And Save It)

Watching a movie or other clip with a conventional 16:9 or old-school 4:3 aspect ratio is a cinch on VLC player. But the rise of smartphones has brought with it one unfortunate side effect – filming videos horizontally (or vertically), then rotating the camera after you started recording.

This means that when you open the culprit video in a video player like VLC, you need to rotate it to make it properly watchable. Here we show you not only how to rotate a video in VLC but how to save it after it’s been rotated.

Rotate Your VLC Video

First, open your video in VLC and take a moment to appreciate how wrong it looks. Now to fix it, you need to go to “Tools -> Effects and Filters.”

Tools Vlc

Next, click the Video Effects tab, then the Geometry tab, and tick the checkbox that says “Transform.” The drop-down menu below should no longer be greyed out, and you should be able to rotate your video as you see fit.

Rotate Video In Vlc

As a general rule, if your video was horizontal and you want to make it vertical or vice versa, select the option to rotate it either by 90 degrees or 270 degrees. You can also “Flip” it to turn it into a mirror image of itself or Transpose it, which flips it and makes it fit the screen.

Save Your Rotated Video

Once you’ve made the rotation adjustments you wanted, click Save. Note that saving at this point doesn’t save the video in its rotated form but rather the settings for VLC as a whole, which means every subsequent video you watch will start off in your rotated format (not convenient at all). We’ll show you how to reset this later.

If you’re happy with your video and want to save it, click Tools in the ribbon at the top, then Preferences.

Vlc Player Preferences

At the bottom left of the Preferences window, click “All” under “Show settings,” then click “Video” and “Filters” in the pane on the left.

Show All Vlc Settings

On the right side, tick the “Video transformation filter” box and click “Save.”

Video Filter Vlc

Next, click “Media” in the ribbon at the top of your VLC window, then “Convert/Save.”

Vlc Convert And Save

In the new window, click “Add,” then browse to your video and select it. Click “Convert/Save” with it selected.

Media Convert

In the next window, click the Profile drop-down menu and select a video format profile you’re happy with – the first one, H.264 + MP3 (MP4), is fine for most purposes.

Convert Format

Next, click the wrench icon next to the Profile drop-down, and then click the “Video codec” tab. (Beforehand, you can select the video format you want to save to if you like – we’re happy sticking with the default MPEG-TS.)


Under the “Video codec” tab, tick the “Video” checkbox, the Filters tab, then scroll down and tick the box that says “Video transformation filter” and click “Save.”

Video Transformation Filter

Back at the “Convert” window, the last thing you need to do is select the destination you want to save your rotated file to (at the bottom of the window) and give it a new filename. Make the name distinct, as we had problems when using a variant of the original name. Do this, then click “Start” to begin the conversion process.

Rotated Video Vlc

Your newly rotated video should now appear in the destination you saved it to. All you need to do now is reset your VLC settings to default. To do this, just go to “Tools -> Preferences,” then click “Reset Preferences” at the bottom of the window.

Rotate Video Playing In Vlc

How to Download and Install Windows 10

It’s been a long while since the original rollout of Windows 10, and if you missed your chance to get a free upgrade on an existing PC or want to install it on a new PC entirely, you may need a little help.

That’s what we’re here for. Here is how you can download and install Windows 10 on your PC. Let’s get you set up.

Prerequisites for Downloading and Installing Windows 10

Before we dive into the meat of this, here are a few things you’ll need to follow this guide:

  • A separate Windows PC from the one you’re installing Windows 10 on to create the installation media.
  • A USB Flash Drive of 8GB or larger to create your installation media.

Once these prerequisites are taken care of, it’s time to get the installer.

Acquiring the Media Creation Tool

First, click here to head to the download page, then click “Download tool now” and hit “Save” in the popup window. By default, the .exe file you just downloaded should go to your Downloads folder.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 1

Once you have the Media Creation Tool downloaded, click the .exe in either your browser or the folder you downloaded it to. You’ll get a User Account Control prompt. Click Yes to run the Creation Tool.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 2

Next, you’ll get a EULA. Read through at your discretion and click Accept to proceed.

On the next screen, you’ll get an option to either “Upgrade this PC now” or “Create installation media for another PC.” Click “Create installation media” and proceed to the next section.

Choosing Your Version of Windows 10 and Creating Your Installation Media

You will have a few different options to choose from.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 3

Language and Edition are somewhat self-explanatory, but Architecture may not be, depending on the age of the PC that you’ll be installing Windows 10 on. If your CPU supports 64-bit Windows, you’ll generally want to install the 64-bit version of the operating system, even if you don’t have more than 4GB of RAM, for compatibility reasons.

32-bit is only recommended for installing Windows 10 on older machines that don’t have support for a 64-bit version of Windows, and choosing both is generally a waste of bandwidth and space on your external drive.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 4

Once you’ve confirmed your selection, click “Next,” then select “USB flash drive.”

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 5

On the next screen, select your USB flash drive from the drop-down and click “Next” again.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 6

You’ll need to wait for your selected version of Windows 10 to download. If, for whatever reason, you went against our advice and chose “Both” instead of 32-bit or 64-bit, expect your download time to be longer. Like the installer says, feel free to keep using your PC – just don’t try to close the window or shut down your machine while it’s running.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 7

Once the download has finished, the Creation Tool will automatically use the files to create your installation media. When you’re all done, you should get a screen that looks like the one below. Click “Finish” and you’re good to go.

Install Windows 10 2021 Step 8

Running the Installer on Your New PC

Now that you have the installation media created, you’ll need to plug your USB drive into your new PC and power it on. Most PCs should automatically register your USB drive and boot you into the Windows 10 installer, which will automatically walk you through the setup process.

If you plug your USB drive in and nothing happens, however, you may need to manually set it as the first boot drive inside your PC’s BIOs. The instructions for doing this will vary from PC to PC, but generally, holding F8 or F12 will boot you into your BIOs on startup. If you have any trouble setting your USB drive as the first boot drive or getting into BIOs on your machine, consult your instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website for more assistance.

News Games

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Will Go Live on 18th May

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! Yeah, it’s almost time to start hearing this popular catchphrase again. After teasing the return of PUBG Mobile to India in a new avatar, Battlegrounds Mobile India, over the past week, South Korean developer Krafton has revealed the pre-registration date for the game.

Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

In an official blog post, Krafton has confirmed that the pre-registrations for the much-awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India will go live on 18th May. Players can only pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store next week. There is no word on iOS pre-registration or launch at the moment.

You can check out the pre-registration teaser video right here:

Krafton further mentions that all the players who pre-register for the game ahead of its official launch will get exclusive in-game rewards. “These rewards would be specific to Indian players only,” says the blog post. You will most likely receive a vehicle skin or other cosmetic items.

To pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India, head to the Google Play Store app page when it goes live on 18th May and tap on the ‘Pre-Register’ button. Then, confirm that you want the game to be installed automatically whenever it is available. Also, the rumors currently suggest that the game will launch in India sometime in mid-June. So we are not too far away from being able to experience the same thrill and excitement as PUBG Mobile before it was banned last year.

Besides, Krafton has reportedly urged users to not refer to Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile. The developer fears that the Indian government might ban the game once again. So yeah, let’s steer clear of this hurdle and wait for more information.


Why An SMTP Server Is Important

The email system is one of the most widely-used internet-based apps today. It allows users to send and receive emails worldwide. Although we have numerous chat messengers today, emails are still used by both individual users and business owners. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look at how emails get sent worldwide. Get comfortable and have a look!

An SMTP Server As The Main Tool For Sending Emails

SMTP means Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, used for sending, receiving, and relaying emails between senders and receivers. Simply put, it’s a machine that takes care of the email delivery service. An SMTP server has an address that is usually set by the mail client that you are using. It has the following format – You can find your server address in the settings of your email account.

When an email is sent, the server processes it, determines which server to send your email to, and relays it to that server. The inbox service provider of the recipient downloads this email and puts it into the inbox. After that, a user receives a notification that a new email is delivered.

Currently, there are four standard SMTP ports: 25, 465, 587, and 2525. Of course, other ports can also be used but they are less popular. Such ports as 587 and 2525 are considered the most reputable options today.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Using SMTP Servers?

We’ve just covered the basics, so now is the time to find out why these serves are important. Remember that without this tool, your email will never be delivered to the recipient. When you create a letter and click on “Send”, your message will be immediately transformed into a string of code, which is later sent to the SMTP server. It processes your code and delivers it to the recipient. If there’s no SMTP server, your message will be lost in translation.

In other words, the SMTP mail server is responsible for the timely delivery of all outgoing emails. If the server is inefficient, emailing might become a challenging affair. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance for email users to have safe and reliable SMTP Mail Servers.

There’s another benefit of SMTP servers – they verify that the email is from a live and active account. Simply put, they act as safeguards that protect your account from illegitimate messages. If a message can’t be delivered, it will send it back to the person who sent it. As a result, a sender receives a notification that the email address is wrong and a letter can’t be delivered. Plus, if the message wasn’t sent successfully, the SMTP server will send it once again until the transmission is successful.

One of the main advantages of the SMTP connection is the ease of installation. To start using it, you only need to change the SMTP credentials. Just a few clicks and the system is already integrated. 

An SMTP server is a must-have tool for marketers. It goes without saying that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools. More and more businesses are going online and the need for effective marketing campaigns is growing at the velocity of sound. Unfortunately, ordinary outgoing mail services can’t fit the goals of a successful email marketing campaign. That’s why modern businesses opt for an outgoing SMTP. Currently, an SMTP server is considered the best way to send emails and newsletters to customers. And the main reason why marketers choose this tool is the capability to track the email status. In this case, all your letters will be tracked till recipients get them. On the plus side, marketers can also find out the reaction of recipients to their emails. 

Sometimes, your emails go into the spam of the recipient. And that’s why emails are deleted even before they are viewed. But you can prevent this from happening by using SMTP servers as they make sure your newsletters reach their final destination.

Overall, SMTP servers are powerful solutions that make email marketing easier and more effective. When choosing a reliable SMTP server, you can be doubly sure that your letters reach your targeted audience safely.

News Science & Technology

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050, RTX 3050Ti Laptop GPUs Announced

Nvidia has today announced the latest RTX 3050 and RTX 3050Ti laptop GPUs, bringing its most powerful GPU technologies to more mainstream gaming laptops. The new GPUs will power gaming laptops starting at just $799, and bring Nvidia’s new Ampere architecture, along with advanced RTX technologies to budget gaming laptops.

Mark Avermann, Nvidia’s director of product management for laptops, was quoted as saying “The latest wave of laptops provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade, particularly for gamers and creators with older laptops who want to experience the magic of RTX.” Further, he added that “there are now five times more RTX 30 Series gaming laptops that are thinner than 18mm compared with previous-generation RTX systems, delivering ground breaking performance with very sleek and portable designs.”

The new GPUs will bring dedicated ray tracing cores (RT cores) and Tensor cores to mainstream audiences and expand the number of RTX 30 series laptops to over 140. The new laptops with RTX 3050 and RTX 3050Ti GPUs will offer twice the performance of the last generation, along with support for 60fps gameplay at 1080p.

Powering these performances are Nvidia’s RTX technologies such as DLSS 2.0, Nvidia Reflex, and more. DLSS 2.0 offers higher frame rates in gaming, utilising the RTX 30 series GPUs’ Tensor cores. DLSS support is now available in over 40 AAA titles and indie games, including games like Call of Duty: Warzone, and Modern Warfare. DLSS will also offer advantages to creators by offering performance improvements in software like D5 Render, and Nvidia Omniverse. Moreover, Nvidia Reflex brings 144+ FPS and sub-25ms system latency in supported titles including Valorant and Overwatch.

Laptops with the new RTX 3050 and RTX 3050Ti will be available from manufacturers like Asus, Acer, Alienware, MSI, and others, this summer.


Ola to Offer Doorstep Delivery of Oxygen Concentrators Across India

Ola Foundation has teamed up with non-profit organization Give India to offer up to 10,000 oxygen concentrators across India. This is part of the company’s O2forIndia initiative and those in need can use the Ola app to get free doorstep delivery of the oxygen concentrator.

Ola Offering 10,000 Oxygen Concentrators Across India

According to Ola’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, the company will validate requests sent through the Ola app and will deliver the oxygen concentrator to your doorstep. In addition, Ola will also pick it up when you no longer need it. You will not have to pay for the concentrator and the transportation fee involved.

“We must come together and help our communities during these unprecedented times…We hope this initiative brings much-needed support during these very difficult times and helps in mitigating the pain and the anxiety among those impacted,” wrote Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal on Twitter.

Ola’s O2forIndia initiative starts in Bangalore this week and the company has plans to expand it across India in the coming weeks. “Through this initiative, we will provide oxygen concentrators to those recovering or isolating at home, right at their doorstep. We hope the easier access to oxygen will ease the distress of many patients,” said GiveIndia’s Atul Satija in a statement.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for COVID-related resources, go through our article on the list of COVID-19 resources in India.  We have also written an article on how you can find a slot at your nearest COVID-19 vaccination center. And if you’re not sure about the registration process, feel free to go through our step-by-step guide on registering for COVID-19 vaccine in India.

Android News

A Flaw In Qualcomm Modem Makes 30% Of Android Phones Vulnerable

The Israeli security firm Check Point Research has discovered a vulnerability in Qualcomm’s MSM (Mobile Station Modem) that affects millions of Android phones around the world.

The firm claims that MSM is an integral part of Qualcomm chips dating back to the early 1990s. It is even part of the company’s latest 5G chips and can be found in the latest models from Samsung, Xiaomi, Google, LG, OnePlus, and more.

Check Point’s report reveals that up to 30 percent of all Android phones have this modem software from Qualcomm that includes this vulnerability. Hackers can use the vulnerability to inject malicious code into the modem from Android, which gives the attacker the possibility to access the call and SMS history, as well as listen to the user’s conversations.

In some cases, hackers can use this vulnerability to even unlock your SIM card and would allow you to pass the limitations imposed by the operators.

The number of mobiles that may be affected is not yet clear, but as the Check Point spokesperson mentions, anyone who has a mobile with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip without having updated it since November could be at risk.

Qualcomm is aware of the vulnerability and already issued a fix. Precisely in the month of December of last year, Qualcomm sent the patches to the manufacturers and recommends that users update their devices to the latest version available.


Signal Exposed Facebook’s Practices For Displaying Targeted Ads

Signal, the messaging application focused on privacy, has tried to start an advertising campaign using Instagram that really showed how well the social network knows us. 

In the Signal blog, the team explains that they tried to display ads for their application on Facebook and Instagram. These ads apparently did not reach users, allegedly after Facebook blocked them and expelled them from the advertising network.

In the announcement, the team says, “Companies like Facebook aren’t building technology for you, they’re building technology for your data. They collect everything they can from FB, Instagram, and WhatsApp in order to sell visibility into people and their lives.”

The ads are very simple, and there is a certain picaresque about their creation. Advertisers using Facebook can set their advertising so that it can only be seen by customers they are interested in. For example, a car ad that is only shown to those who have an interest in cars.

One potential problem is that these ads can be so personalized that you can basically create one ad for each person. It is something that the creators of Signal, the secure messaging app, have demonstrated.

Its latest advertising campaign created personalized ads for each user who viewed them, based on the different interests and data that Facebook owns.

An example of an ad is: “You have received this ad because you are a [occupation] with a [educational level] and you are in [marital status]. This ad used your location to see that you are in [location]. Your online activity shows that you are getting interested in [interest] and will probably go there in your new [vehicle].” Words in brackets indicate data obtained from Facebook.

Signal Exposed Facebook Ads Practices 2

It must be clarified that this does not mean that Signal has obtained this data. As we have indicated before, advertisers do not receive the data directly. What it does mean is that Facebook has all that data and does not hesitate to use it for advertisers to contact us directly.

It is obvious that Facebook did not like this experiment at all. Not only has it blocked ads, but it has also restricted Signal from its platform. The app will no longer be able to show its ads on Facebook or in the rest of its apps, such as Instagram. Recall that the great competitor of Signal is WhatsApp, owned by Facebook.

Signal Exposed Facebook Ads Practices 3

Joe Osborne, a Facebook representative, has harshly criticized what he calls a “marketing stunt”, accusing Signal of not creating those ads and that only a couple of them would have been rejected, those showing medical conditions or sexual orientation. It also claims that Signal was temporarily banned for a payment issue and not for ads it created.

By contrast, Signal has responded by posting screenshots showing his account blocked, reaffirming that he tried to serve the ads but were rejected.


2FA and Recycled Phone Numbers Are a Security Risk

Two-factor authorization is supposed to lead to increased security. That extra step is supposed to prevent spammers from breaking into your account. By just learning one access point, they are still required to take an extra step that they most likely do not know. However, researchers have learned that 2FA can lead to a security risk with recycled phone numbers.

Recycled Phone Numbers Expose 2FA Accounts

Whether it’s because they relocate or switch cell carriers, people change their phone numbers from time to time. But there isn’t an unlimited supply of unused phone numbers. Because of this, discarded phone numbers are often recycled. You may have discovered this when you picked up a new number and are bothered by a rash of calls for the person who was previously connected to that number.

You may be bothered by more than that. If the number was previously attached to 2FA, the information from the accounts is subject to a security risk. Now instead of needing the two factors for access, all that is needed is the phone number.

2fa Security Risk Login

Princeton University researchers discovered the security risk associated with 2FA and recycled phone numbers. Out of more than 250 phone numbers the researchers sampled, 17 were connected to accounts at popular websites. Those numbers that were sampled were available to two major carriers.

“Additionally, a majority of available numbers led to hits on people search services, which provide personally identifiable information on previous owners. Furthermore, a significant fraction (100 of 259) of the numbers were linked to leaked login credentials on the Web, which could enable account hijackings that defeat SMS-based multi-factor authentication,” detailed the researchers in their study.

“We also found design weaknesses in carriers’ online interfaces and number recycling policies that could facilitate attacks involving number recycling.”

2fa Security Risk Locked

The new owners of the phone numbers are subjected to security and privacy-related calls and messages, including such things as authentication passcodes. The Princeton researchers believe the new owners could become incentivized to exploit the accounts these new numbers are connected to.

Limiting the Security Risk

What can you do when you are changing your phone number to limit the security risk of your accounts that were at one point connected to 2FA? Tracking down all those accounts protected by 2FA would be a nightmare.

The Princeton researchers believe you should “park” your old number when you’re switching to a new one. You can do this with a parking service, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), or a VOIP provider. This could give you the time you need to update your 2FA settings on your old accounts.


What VRAM Is and How to Increase It

Modern computing requires high power from devices. Regardless of whether you’re working on a YouTube edit or watching a movie on your smartphone, your video memory needs to be high. Your Video Random Access Memory (VRAM) gives you the ability to stream, view, and work on video.

In this post, we discuss what VRAM is and why you’d want to increase it. To finish off, we show you how to increase your VRAM and the times where you won’t be able to do this.

What VRAM Is (Why You’d Want to Increase It)

As noted, Video RAM is dedicated to the medium. It differs from normal RAM in that it works with your graphics card to deliver high-quality video and animation. It’s purpose built and delivers the right information to your graphics card to guarantee good output.

There are a few specific reasons you’d want to increase it, but the most notable is that you’re experiencing choppy frame rates when playing games or watching movies.

It could also be that you’re having performance issues with intensive tasks, such as video editing. In short, if your video performance isn’t as good as you’d expect, working with your VRAM could solve the issue.

How to Increase Your VRAM

First off, whether you can increase your VRAM depends on your choice of machine. If you’re on a Mac, your options are limited, and for all intents and purposes, you can’t do this. On Windows, it’s a slightly different story.

Regardless, you can check how much VRAM you have on either machine. Here are the steps for Windows:

1. Open “Settings -> System -> Display.”

2. Scroll to the “Advanced display settings.”

3. Click the “Display adapter properties” link.

4. On the dialog screen, click the Adapter tab. Here, look for the “Dedicated Video Memory” option. This is your total available VRAM.

Ascertaining video memory in Windows.

On the Mac, you’ll head to the “System Information” panel and look for your VRAM figures under the “Hardware -> Graphics/Displays” setting.

The VRAM graphics setting in macOS.

As for increasing your VRAM, as we noted, you can only do this on Windows as an end user. If you’re on Windows, there are two approaches:

  • Change the VRAM in your BIOS settings.
  • Fake a VRAM increase using Registry keys.

For the latter, Windows changes the amount of allocated VRAM in a dynamic way. The figure you noted earlier is more of the upper limit of what your system can achieve.

What’s more, Windows and Mac are more alike than you realize. In fact, neither OS can update VRAM from the desktop, although you’re able to allocate a portion of RAM to your VRAM. You do this through the Registry Editor.

Here are the steps:

1. Type regedit into the Start Menu or search bar.

2. Head to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Intel” within the Registry Editor.

3. Right-click and create a new key called “GMM” (without the quotes), then select the folder from the menu on the left.

4. Right-click on the right panel again, and this time, choose “New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value.”

5. Name it “DedicatedSegmentSize” and give it a Decimal value up to a maximum of 512.

Adding a new key to the Windows Registry.

At this point, restart your computer and see if the issue is any better. There’s no guarantee that this will solve the problems you’re having, but it could give your video playback an extra edge over the previous configuration.

In Summary

Video is central to the modern web. As such, there’s always a good reason to increase the video-playing power at your disposal. Increasing your VRAM is a good place to start, as it determines how much memory you have to work with. You can do this through the BIOS or the registry on a Windows machine. The option you choose will be based on your needs and experience working under the hood of your machine.

If you’re unsure about the difference between RAM and VRAM, we have a guide for that. Do you need to increase your VRAM? Has this article helped you? Let us know in the comments section below!