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  • Apple to choose India over China for iPhone, iPad, MacBook production: Report

    Apple has instructed several of its contract manufacturers that it wants to increase product outside of China, citing Beijing’s stronganti-coronavirus station among other factors. According to the Wall Street Journal, sources reveal that India and Vietnam, which presently regard for a minor quantum of Apple’s global product, are among the nations that the pot is […]

  • How to Add Google Drive to File Explorer

    Adding Google Drive to File Explorer lets you access your cloud files without having to open a web browser. You can then manage your cloud files act as if they’re your local files. Here’s how to set that up on your Windows PC. To add Google Drive to Windows File Explorer, you’ll use the free Google Drive […]

  • India’s First 5G Audio-Video Call Made by Telecom Minister

    India’s Minister of Telecommunications Ashwini Vaishnaw successfully made the country’s first audio-video call. The entire end-to-end network was developed at IIT Madras in India. This comes after the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the new 5G testbed at IIT Madras earlier this week. Check out the details below to find out more. Telecom Minister […]

  • How to Defrag Your Windows Hard Drive

    Due to the difference in technology, HDDs are inherently slower than their SSD counterparts, and their performance decreases over time as you store more and more data on them. This can be attributed to data fragmentation during the writing process. However, there is a simple fix for it called defragmentation. In this article, we will […]

  • Crypto Token vs. Coin: What’s the Difference?

    Tokens and coins are similar. The difference between a coin or a token may be a technicality, but understanding the difference can help you better understand how blockchains and cryptocurrencies function. Token vs. Coin: Similarities and Differences Coins and tokens are very similar in most regards. Both are a type of cryptocurrency. Both rise and fall […]

  • WhatsApp to Add Preview for Shared Links as Status

    WhatsApp is prepping up a new addition for its Status feature after the rumored ability to react to Status with emojis reactions and Status updates in the chat list. The new rumored feature will show you rich previews of links shared as a text status. Here’s a look at what this will look like. A recent report […]

  • What Is AppFlash on Android and Do You Need It?

    Device carriers and manufacturers have never quite understood users – we don’t like or need bloatware. Yet, Verizon decided all Android users needed AppFlash on their devices. It quietly appeared on existing devices in 2017 and later became preinstalled. After a lot of opposition, Verizon eventually stopped supporting AppFlash and disabled it on existing devices through updates […]

  • Why Unlimited Mobile Data Isn’t Actually Unlimited

    “Unlimited” is a big word in the mobile world. Everyone wants a data plan with no limitations. That’s why carriers love to use the word, but “Unlimited” rarely means truly unlimited. There are a few reasons for that. There was a time when unlimited data plans were truly unlimited. You paid a certain amount every month and you […]

  • How to Run a Linux Command Without Saving It in History

    By default, every command that you execute on your terminal is stored by the shell (command interpreter) in a certain file called a history file or shell command history. In Bash (the most popular shell on Linux systems), by default, the number of commands persisted in the history is 1000, and some Linux distributions have 500. To check your history size in Bash, run this command: $ […]

  • Facebook will stop Keep Track of Your Location History

    Your whereabouts will soon be much more private if you’re a Facebook user. Unceremoniously, Facebook is ending two of its services that use your tracked location and will be deleting everyone’s saved location history eventually as well. Facebook’s Quiet Announcement Despite this being news most people would appreciate, facebook parent Meta Platforms didn’t bother to release this […]