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Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registration Will Go Live on 18th May

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! Yeah, it’s almost time to start hearing this popular catchphrase again. After teasing the return of PUBG Mobile to India in a new avatar, Battlegrounds Mobile India, over the past week, South Korean developer Krafton has revealed the pre-registration date for the game.

Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

In an official blog post, Krafton has confirmed that the pre-registrations for the much-awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India will go live on 18th May. Players can only pre-register for the game on the Google Play Store next week. There is no word on iOS pre-registration or launch at the moment.

You can check out the pre-registration teaser video right here:

Krafton further mentions that all the players who pre-register for the game ahead of its official launch will get exclusive in-game rewards. “These rewards would be specific to Indian players only,” says the blog post. You will most likely receive a vehicle skin or other cosmetic items.

To pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India, head to the Google Play Store app page when it goes live on 18th May and tap on the ‘Pre-Register’ button. Then, confirm that you want the game to be installed automatically whenever it is available. Also, the rumors currently suggest that the game will launch in India sometime in mid-June. So we are not too far away from being able to experience the same thrill and excitement as PUBG Mobile before it was banned last year.

Besides, Krafton has reportedly urged users to not refer to Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile. The developer fears that the Indian government might ban the game once again. So yeah, let’s steer clear of this hurdle and wait for more information.

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World’s Biggest Video Game Cheating Ring Provider Busted by Chinese Police

Do you know about cheat codes used in video games? I am sure many of you might have used it, but it is not good as you do cheating in the game. No one likes cheaters, if you have been receiving some cheat codes then you should know that the “World’s biggest” videogame cheat provider has been busted by the Chinese police.

Police Bust “World’s Biggest” Cheat Ring Worth $750M

Police Bust “World’s Biggest” Cheat Ring Worth $750

The Chinese police has done a collaboration with tech giant Tencent and has taken down the cheat provider in china. The team was jailed and $46M assets were Seized by the police.

Last year in 2020, a video game cheat ring was reported to the Chinese police. And exactly after one year, this operation is successful and it is the biggest takedown of the cheat provider in gaming history.

This cheat ring offers a variety of game codes to the players and was asked to purchase temporary cheats via now-defunct service. As per the reports, the providers have earned more than $10,000 every day. They were selling wall-hacks, aimbots, and every type of cheats.

On March 26, 2021, the Police has shut down the ring, and before that the cheat providers have earned $764 million (USD).

The police report was posted on Weibo, it says Tencent collaborated with Kunshan police officers and were able to find these cheat providers. However, the ring was mainly focusing on mobile titles and also Overwatch and Valorant. The user who uses cheat codes should pay for a subscription where they allow to use cheats for a specific period of time, like for 10 USD per day, $200 per month. It has a huge number of subscribers, so they were earning more than $10,000 per day.

However, now the provider’s assets are seized, like their luxury sports cars which cost around $20M. They also had properties and virtual currency.

The police Kunshan raided few locations and arrested 10 resellers of this cheating ring, and a total of 17 websites are closed down.

One of the biggest reasons for this video game cheat code provider bust has happened due to the involvement of a huge sum of amounts, many games involved. Even the games from other places were also involved other than China.

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NVIDIA GeForce is Now Officially Available for Chrome on Windows & Mac

The cloud gaming service of NVIDIA GeForce is finally out for chrome browser on Windows and Mac. Earlier, it was only available for Android phones and Chromebooks. First, GeForce was brought to Chromebooks by making the service available in the chrome browser.

The service was only there for the Google Operating system. However, by using the Safari browser, NVIDIA was available on iPads in web versions. But, now everyone can use NVIDIA GeForce, as all of them use Chrome browsers in Windows or Mac. All the users can play games by using Nvidia GeForce in the browser. To use this service you must open a Chrome browser and visit site to get the 2.0.27 update.

You need to get this update as it is very important because both Windows and Mac support Chrome, so all the gamers using any device can play the latest games without any worry.

You can easily launch your favorite games faster by creating bookmarks and shortcuts with GeForce NOW. Just do click on the game and open the game details option, then select +SHORTCUT and open a dialog box to create a game shortcut on your PC desktop.

Do remember that, still Nvidia suggests using the proper app instead of a web app for the optimal experience. But then also you can get the service experience without downloading any software. Like, you can just try it out without downloading any software. On Chrome OS, you can add the app on your desktop or taskbar as a PWA.


CD Projekt Unveils Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap 2021 And Apologizes For Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs

A month after launch, CD Projekt Red has posted an extensive video to address the players and talks about DLC, patches, and upcoming updates for the much-discussed action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077.

In the video, the Polish development studio apologizes for the current state of Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles.

The video entitled “Our Commitment to Quality” has been presented by the co-founder of the developer studio, Marcin Iwiński himself, and expressly apologizes for the state of the console version of Cyberpunk 2077.

He acknowledges that the console version of Cyberpunk 2077 did not meet the established quality standards. More importantly, he said the responsibility for the matter rests squarely with the studio’s management, not the developers.

I and the entire leadership team deeply regret this, and in this video, I am the one who acknowledges it publicly. Do not blame any of our teams for what happened. It is a talented group that works hard,” he said.

A new roadmap also shows the further development steps that CD Projekt has envisaged for the role-playing action game. While the promised and free next-gen update for the game consoles will not appear until the end of the second half of 2021, Patch 1.1 and Patch 1.2 are to be released soon.

The first update (patch 1.1) is to be rolled out within the next ten days, an even larger update (patch 1.2) is to follow “a few weeks “later. During a phase of further improvements and updates, the first free DLC is also planned, says Marcin Iwiński.

Iwiński says CD Projekt is also currently working with Sony to bring the game back to the PlayStation Store as soon as possible.


FAU-G, India’s PUBG Mobile Alternative, Now Up for Pre-Registration on Google Play Store

Ever since PUBG Mobile was banned in India close to three months ago, the netizens have been looking forward to a homegrown ‘Atmanirbhar’ alternative. Dubbed FAU-G, short for Fearless and United Guards, has been in the works for a long time and teased online on multiple occasions. And today, on the occasion of Gurupurab, FAU-G is now up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

FAU-G Pre-Registration Is Now Live

The developer of FAU-G, Bengaluru-based nCore Games, made the announcement via its official Twitter account a few hours ago. The game has earlier confirmed to arrive in the month of November. However, it seems like there will be one final delay and eager users can register their interest to be the first ones to play the game.

The pre-registration link for FAU-G going live on the Google Play Store suggests that the game launch is closer than ever before. You can see how to register for the game down below.

This suggests that FAU-G will initially be available for Android users and eager iOS users might have to watch from the sidelines. The pre-registration link for Apple App Store has not gone live just yet.

FAU-G Gameplay Details

Apart from the pre-registration, FAU-G’s app description gives us a brief idea about what to expect from this homegrown PUBG Mobile alternative. “Join a special unit of FAU-G commandos on patrol in dangerous border territory. Come face-to-face with India’s enemies as you engage with hostile invaders on Indian soil. Fight for survival against the unforgiving terrain and the implacable enemy.”

The Play Store listing not only reveals how you will fill the shoes of patriotic soldiers at the border but also gives us a brief look at the game’s homescreen UI. FAU-G will have a clean UI with your character front and center, a store button at the bottom left, and a ‘Play’ button at the bottom right. There will be two types of in-game currency as well – seen at the top right.

fau-g gameplay

We still do not get a good glimpse at the gameplay but do know that the first level will see you set foot in Galwan Valley. For those unaware, Galwan Valley was the location where the Indian and Chinese forces skirmished, resulting in 20 Indian soldiers being martyred.

If you’re eager to play FAU-G when it launches in India, head to this link and register to receive a notification whenever the game goes live. You can also choose to have the game automatically installed on your smartphone.

It will be interesting to see whether PUBG Mobile’s India version will make its much-anticipated return before FAU-G or not. Also, will FAU-G’s story-driven gameplay be able to captivate the attention of netizens? Stay tuned for more information.


Why ‘Valorant Smurfing’ Problem Is Seriously Pissing Me Off

Valorant is one of those games that you can’t stop playing because of its competitive approach. Once you start playing Riot’s first-person shooter, you get addicted to it in no time.

But after a while, things get hectic in Valorant, especially in Competitive matches. Just one small mistake, and your teammates can make your soul cry bombarding you with their toxic comments. Despite that, most players constantly work on their game sense to climb ranks in Valorant.

Keeping all good things aside, I sometimes feel like quitting the game. The reason why I am disappointed with Valorant is, of course, Smurfing.

Valorant Is The First FPS I Held Onto, Just To Get Stomped By Smurfs

Many players, getting into first-person shooter for the first time with Valorant, and I, fall into the same category.

Of course, I’ve played other FPS titles such as Apex Legends, PUBG, Warzone, etc. However, I never stuck to those games for long, maybe because not many of my friends play those titles; and starting with Multiplayer games without friends gets boring too often.

On the other hand, several of my friends play Valorant. That’s because Riot’s FPS title runs efficiently on systems with low specifications, well, mostly.

So, I have been playing the game since the day it was released globally. No doubt, grinding in Valorant to improve your skills in something you can’t compare with anything else.

Besides working on your aim and crosshair placement, you have to be creative with your agent’s skills. Overall, you have to work on a lot of factors to be good at Valorant.

Also, the best thing about Valorant is that if, at some point, the game feels boring, you can move on to a different agent. That way, you’ll feel like you’re playing the same game, but with a different set of eyes.

However, all these good things about Valorant stands to nothing when an Iron player has to go against a Diamond level payer. Why? Because several players feel the need to stomp on new players by making a bunch of smurf accounts.

What Is Smurfing In Valorant?

In Multiplayer games such as Valorant, several players intentionally aim for lower ranks on their secondary accounts. Then, despite being higher rank players, they get to play at low ranks, which is called smurfing.

The situation gets even worse and humiliating when all the five players in the opponent team are smurfs. These smurfs often boast about their skills in the chat and ask the other team to surrender.

For instance, in my case, these smurfs asked us to surrender because, according to them, “We were wasting their time by playing against them.”

Now, it’s true that there’s skill-based matchmaking in Valorant. So, smurfs get opponents based on their previous matches’ performance. However, from my personal experience, matchmaking is rarely accurate. Thinking that in Valorant, both teams will have an equal number of smurfs with similar skill levels is as crazy as thinking that the Earth is flat.

Not All Valorant Smurfs Play To Win

Just imagine, you log into Valorant in hopes of having a good Ranked match. But unfortunately, one player in your team doesn’t care about winning. Well, let me explain this kind of situation with an example.

A few days back on Reddit, a player told that one of his teammates was smurfing at Diamond rank. Strangely enough, unlike other smurfs, this particular player wasn’t playing to win. Instead, the player sabotaged the entire Ranked match by giving away his teammates’ location on chat.

Now, you might be thinking why this player doesn’t care about winning. Well, he confirmed that he bought the Diamond account through a website for less than $100. So, his intention after buying the smurf account was to ruin other players’ experience.

When I read about this on Reddit, I considered myself lucky for not getting these kinds of teammates. Well, guess what, that feeling didn’t last long. That’s becauselast week, one of my teammates, who was playing with Skye, sabotaged our full Ranked Valorant match.

In every round, this player was intentionally blinding us whenever we confronted the enemy team. Moreover, he was giving away our location by randomly shooting at walls. When that wasn’t enough, he informed the enemy team of our health and location through text chat.

My teammates, along with all the opponent players, reported that smurf. But guess what, even several warnings didn’t stop him from ruining our experience. His exact response was, “LOL people have been reporting me from the last 4 matches, nothing happens, chill.”

Halfway through the match, we tried quitting the game by initiating the ‘Surrender’ vote. Well, it should come as no surprise, but the player didn’t even let us surrender by voting ‘no.’ In short, that 30-40 minutes Valorant match made us hate smurfs even more.

Smurfing: A Good Content For Valorant Steamers?

Unfortunately, several streamers on YouTube are part of this whole Valorant smurfing problem. Apparently, titles like ‘Solo queue from Iron 1 to Immortal 1’ guarantees more viewers. Mostly, when you watch their streams, you’ll find them scoring Ace against new Iron players and calling them “noobs.”

Once these streamers reach Radiant rank, they don’t play with that account because the thought of getting ranked down scares them. So, they create a smurf account and aim for the lowest ‘Iron 1’ rank.

To be honest, I don’t think that they play all 20 Unranked matches themselves either. Instead, they can ask their subscribers or moderators to give them ‘Competitive ready’ smurf accounts for a shoutout or a small compensation.

Well, for these YouTubers, it’s “content,” but imagine a new Valorant Iron 1 player going against these streamers in their initial Ranked matches. I am sure most of the new players get demotivated in their very first match, thinking that “Valorant is not for them.” In short, these smurfs rob new players of an honest Valorant gameplay experience.

To be clear, not all Valorant streamers support smurfing. For instance, Hiko, a professional Valorant player, addressed the Valorant smurfing issue. According to him, smurfs are basically “ruining the competitive experience.”

Several players smurf because they want to queue with their friends at lower ranks. However, as Hiko said, if you want to do that, then play Unrated. If you want to teach your friends how to play the game, then ‘Unrated’ is the perfect game mode. As for competitive, instead of pushing your friends’ rank by smurfing, ask them to queue Solo. That’s the only way they will truly improve their skills.

Of course, Riot won’t do anything about smurfing; they would have already introduced 2FA if they wanted to control this behavior. So, the players who love this game will have to discourage smurfing to create a healthy competition in Valorant.