“Valorant” Will Keep an Eye on Player’s Voice Chats

“Valorant” Will Keep an Eye on Player’s Voice Chats

Valorant announced a new update that says the company will keep a record of the player’s voice chats, named “VALORANT VOICE EVALUATION UPDATE”. Riot will start this on July 13.

Recently, Hello Games also surprised the Nintendo Switch players by announcing the launch of the hit space exploration game ‘No Man’s Sky’ to Switch.

Riot Games Will Analyze Voice Recordings Before Banning the Player’s ID

Riot Games Will Analyze Voice Recordings Before Banning the Player's ID

The most popular 5v5 characters FPS shooting game, Valorant, is developed by the famous Riot Games, and this multiplayer game hit the PC gaming market in just past 2 years with over millions of daily active players.

The developers always have an anti-cheat system to keep the game environment safe. Still, how will they manage if someone reports a player for abusive or offensive comments? Riot has a solution for it.

From July 13, Riot Games will monitor its player’s voice communications to evaluate when players report abusive or offensive comments and keep the language models safer and cleaner.

And it also said that this would help train our language models. Besides, Riot Games recently changed its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service.

In the announcementRiot said, “We know that before we can even think of expanding this tool, we’ll have to be confident it’s effective, and if mistakes happen, we have systems in place to make sure we can correct any false positives”.

Currently, this is only available for North American players who speak English, and then after some time for other significant regions, such as IndiaEurope, and Japan.

Besides, Some players are taking it inaccurate or misinformation that now the company can check their voice chats with their friends, but it is not like this. The company only uses it for analyzing if the report came on the match.

And if you still feel doubtful, there is only one path, not to use the game’s voice communication feature and to use other voice chat platforms such as Discord, SteamChat, and Mumble.


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