Google Will Now Allow You to Find & Support LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses

Google Will Now Allow You to Find & Support LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses

In this Pride season, Google has taken another step to support the LGBTQ+ community. Google will now show a tag on the business owned by LGBTQ+ on Google Maps & in Google search.

Recently, Google has released a new design for the Google News desktop site, including new options to keep your homepage fulfilled with your interests.

Google Maps & Search Will Now Support LGBTQ

Google Maps & Search Will Now Support LGBTQ

As you know, Google has supported businesses in different ways with apps such as Google Maps to showcase every small or big business with as many details as the customer wants.

Google Search has also evolved businesses by guiding the people for what they are searching for. Also, it shows Tag with details to make people more connected with the business, such as outdoor seating tags for restaurants.

As earlier, it started showing a new tag supporting women that reads “Identified as Woman-owned,“. It also rolled out some others for Black-owned, Latino-owned, and veteran-owned.

Now, the company announced to add a new tag supporting LGBTQ+ members that showcases your business by your identity on Google Search and Maps via your Google business profile.

This Tag reads “Identified as LGBTQ+ owned“. It is now available in the US & other regions and other areas that didn’t get this Tag; soon, they will also get allowed for it.

In an official reportMackenzie Thomas said, “This builds on our previous work with the globally available LGBTQ+ friendly and offers a more objective attribute that only businesses can add to their profiles”.

Besides, last year similar platform, Yelp also launched the same Tag for LGBTQ+ business owners. Lately, Google also rolled out other supportive features for the LGBTQ+ community this Pride season.

Business owners can add these Tag from their verified Google Business Profile, previously known as My Business.