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  • Apple to choose India over China for iPhone, iPad, MacBook production: Report

    Apple has instructed several of its contract manufacturers that it wants to increase product outside of China, citing Beijing’s stronganti-coronavirus station among other factors. According to the Wall Street Journal, sources reveal that India and Vietnam, which presently regard for a minor quantum of Apple’s global product, are among the nations that the pot is […]

  • India’s First 5G Audio-Video Call Made by Telecom Minister

    India’s Minister of Telecommunications Ashwini Vaishnaw successfully made the country’s first audio-video call. The entire end-to-end network was developed at IIT Madras in India. This comes after the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the new 5G testbed at IIT Madras earlier this week. Check out the details below to find out more. Telecom Minister […]

  • Crypto Token vs. Coin: What’s the Difference?

    Tokens and coins are similar. The difference between a coin or a token may be a technicality, but understanding the difference can help you better understand how blockchains and cryptocurrencies function. Token vs. Coin: Similarities and Differences Coins and tokens are very similar in most regards. Both are a type of cryptocurrency. Both rise and fall […]

  • Facebook will stop Keep Track of Your Location History

    Your whereabouts will soon be much more private if you’re a Facebook user. Unceremoniously, Facebook is ending two of its services that use your tracked location and will be deleting everyone’s saved location history eventually as well. Facebook’s Quiet Announcement Despite this being news most people would appreciate, facebook parent Meta Platforms didn’t bother to release this […]

  • AMD Launches Three New Radeon RX Graphic Card & Games of FSR 2.0

    AMD’s competitor Nvidia recently paid $5.5 Million as a penalty to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for not disclosing revenue boosts due to Crypto Mining. AMD expressed that these Radeon graphics cards are created on the step forward AMD RDNA 2 gaming architecture, including process optimizations and firmware & software enhancements. The newly launched graphic cards are […]

  • Facebook to Remove Nearby Friends & Other Location Based Features

    As a surprise move for Facebook, Meta has decided to discontinue a few location-based features on the social platform for users soon. These will include the Nearby Friends feature on Facebook that lets users locate and track their Facebook friends’ real-time locations, considering the feature is enabled. Additionally, the company will discontinue other location-dependent features […]

  • Google Acquired Raxium And Its MicroLED Technology

    Google acquired the firm Raxium, a five-year-old startup from California that specialized in the development of microLED displays. Google’s take over of Raxium intends to improve displays for its own hardware portfolio and could be the key to building a new generation of headsets for augmented, virtual and mixed reality. Google previously acquired eyewear maker North […]

  • VPN Providers will now Collect User Data Because of India’s New Policy

    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) of India and the CERT-In recently announced the new policy for VPN providers in India via an official memo. The policy aims to give more power to CERT-In, which is responsible for monitoring cybercrimes in the country. “During the course of handling cyber incidents and interactions with the […]

  • Twitter Circle — an Instagram ‘Close Friends’ Feature Now Live

    Twitter has introduced Twitter Circle, which is its way of letting you share your tweets but a small group. This feature is part of the microblogging site’s latest test and has now started rolling out to some users. This comes after Twitter’s attempt at an alternative timeline for “Trusted Friends” last year. Here’s a look […]

  • Alexa Gets New Feature to Alert You of Package Deliveries

    The pandemic made a few significant changes to the tech world. One of those was an increase in online shopping. Having packages delivered was many times a better option than braving a brick-and-mortar store in a mask. Amazon is holding on to that reliance and has added a feature to Alexa to send notifications when […]