Now Pin Post On Your Instagram Profile

Now Pin Post On Your Instagram Profile

Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, via a recent tweet, has revealed that you can now pin up to three posts on your profile to highlight them. The posts can be a photo, a video, or Reels too. This way, whenever someone visits your profile, the top three posts will appear at the top of the photo grid. This functionality is similar to how you can pin comments on your posts.

To pin a post on Instagram, all you need to do is tap the three-dotted menu next to a post you want to pin and select the ‘Pin to your profile. And, it’s done. The feature has now started rolling out to all and I was able to access it. You can simply update your Instagram and see if this is available for you.

Instagram grid pinning feature rolling out

This comes in addition to the recently introduced Reels features meant for content creators. The list includes the ability to create Reels lasting up to 90 seconds, the ability to import your own audio, interactive stickers on Reels (polls, emojis, and more), and more. The social media platform has also introduced Templates for Reels, which will allow people to make a Reel based on an existing Reel.

In addition to this, Instagram has updated its Sensitive Content Control feature. This feature, which was used to filter out sensitive content on the Explore section, has now been extended to more areas on the platform like your feed, search, hashtag pages, Reels, and more. It will allow you to have more control over the type of content you want to view in almost the entire Instagram app.

The feature has three levels of sensitive content you want to see and these levels have now been renamed. The earlier ‘Allow,’ ‘Limit,’ and ‘Limit Even More,’ are now ‘More,’ ‘Standard,’ and. ‘Less,’ respectively.